Build the Wall and a Brighter Future. Why I’m running for Congress

When something is broken, you fix it. If you need it, you build it. That’s what my dad taught me when he founded our family’s construction company nearly five decades ago. 

So when I came back to Texas after serving as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, I was honored to take over the family business. At Jim Bland Construction in Waco, we’ve renovated and created homes for hundreds of families across Central Texas.

It was never just about building homes. It was about creating jobs and building a better community in a place that has given my family so much.

But now, Washington liberals’ big government plans threaten to put small businesses like mine out of business. Our conservative, Texas values are under attack, and we have politicians hell-bent on impeaching our President instead of laser focused on creating jobs and ending the illegal immigration crisis.

Our way of life in Texas is on the line, and it’s clear Washington needs fixing.

That’s why I’m stepping up to run for Congress.

I’m no stranger to fighting for this community. As a board member for NeighborWorks and the former President of the Heart of Texas Builders Association, I’ve had the opportunity to help create affordable new housing in the Waco area. I’ve seen what it looks like to have businesses, and community members come together to help lift families up, instead of relying on government handouts that fall short.

Raising my two children here, I feel a responsibility to secure a strong future. Our educational system has done a disservice by teaching our kids their only path is a four-year college degree, when in reality, there’s a skills gap breeding other paths to success.

That’s why I’ve fought for more awareness and access to technical education. In 2016, I worked with the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy to create a Construction Sciences Academy that gives our students in the Waco area an opportunity to learn the construction industry.

Congressman Flores has been a tremendous leader in this fight. His recent retirement has left big shoes to fill but I’m ready to go to Washington to continue his fight for our community and our conservative values.

I’ll work with President Trump to push back against socialists’ agenda and help American industries like manufacturing boom. And yes, as the owner of my family’s construction company, I will teach career politicians a thing or two about building a wall.

President Trump’s election reminded us why we need more conservative fighters in Washington with real world experience. I’ll bring the perspective of an outsider and a small business owner to get things done.

My dad always said when something has good bones, you build on that foundation.

Freedom, economic opportunity, and the dream-big, work-hard mindset are what built this country. It’s the foundation that gave my family, and generations of Americans everything. There’s nothing more worth fighting for.

I’m ready to defend our conservative values and way of life in Washington. I hope you’ll join me in building a brighter future for Texas.